2022 Greenway Board

Dan Whitmoyer and Charlie Baughman
Andover Directors 
Sooze Hodgson and Kayden Will
Vice Chairperson 
Danbury Director 
Jim Donnelly
Andy Hager
Goshen Director
Sooze Hodgson
Newbury Director 
Nathan Richer and Anthony Diprimio
Trailwork Coordinator
New London Directors 
Andy Hager and
Nick Baer
Events Committee 
Springfield Directors
Michael and
Susan Chiarella
and Charlie Baughman
Publicity Committee 
Dave Gardner
Sunapee Director
Tim Eliassen and
Dan Whitmoyer
Newsletter Editor
Mark Brito
Sutton Director
Dave Gardner and
Mark Brito
Website Committee 
Dave Gardner
Warner Director 
Peg Bastien
Membership Committee 
Andy Hager
Wilmot Directors
Rosanna Eubank and
Chris Naimie