Conceived in the mid 1980′s by a small group of creative and imaginative individuals associated with the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation TrustThe Society for the Protection of New Hampshire ForestsLake Sunapee Protective Association and several local conservationists, the Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Coalition (SRKG and Greenway) has evolved into a dynamic non-profit corporation led by a board of directors, three ex-officio directors from the organizations mentioned, and ten towns that include SRKG trails:  Andover, Danbury, Goshen, Newbury, New London, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton, Warner and Wilmot.

The Greenway’s mission is to create and maintain a forever green, great circle of trail corridors and conserved lands providing walkers with minimally-developed access to the mountains, lakes, vistas and historical sites of the region. The “necklace” comprises over 75 trail miles, created  with the cooperation of landowners and local authorities, through the forests, over mountains and, where appropriate, via old roads, now unsuitable for wheeled traffic but more extensively used as much as two centuries ago.  Maintaining the Greenway, improving its pathways and creating new ones, some to form links with other famous hiking areas such as Monadnock and Cardigan mountains, are undertaken by SRKG members. Your membership, and offer to help, will always be welcome.