Ralph Spofford

Ralph on Kidder Brook Bridge

Ralph Spofford working on the Kidder Brook Bridge

Noting that Ralph’s and Mickie’s preferred memorial is with the SRK Greenway, we remember Ralph fondly for his wonderfully gentle sense of humor and his thorough work on every task he undertook for the Greenway. Of course he had many other interests which are noted in his formal obituary here
o    On Trail #6 in New London, Ralph and Mickie donated the Bunker Farm conservation easement to ASLPT, permanently protecting the trail and a beautiful hillside field with apple trees at a critical point. The easement requires that the open field be mowed annually in perpetuity. More details about the Spofford easement can be found here
SRK Greenway Bridge Crew

SRK Greenway Bridge Crew

o    Ralph put his engineering skills to use designing and supervising construction of bridges: the famous Kidder Brook bridge on Trail 5 (laminated-stringers and sheet metal rot protection), and 2 short bridges on lowlands of Trail 12 in North Sutton. It was Ralph’s decision to order steel beams to serve as stringers on one bridge.  For all 3 bridges, he led the work days.
The SRK community is indebted to the generous contributions that Ralph donated to the Greenway. We are truly grateful.

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