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Web Development Comments — 7 Comments

    • Yes the photo worked out well.
      Regarding review and development; I have yet to hear any comments. Either folks have yet to take a look or they have looked and all is just right.

  1. We are getting there!

    I wonder about the switch moving the Nav bar up to the top.
    I prefer where it was earlier (where the “Web Development Comments” are now)
    I assume that we will just remove the “Web Development Comments” when we go live which will leave a big blank bar…

    But I can be flexible – not a big deal.

    What needs to be done to make this go live?
    I think this looks great and a major improvement over current site.


    • Dave,
      Glad you were able to take a look.
      Regarding the Menu – That location is just for the interim while board members and others review the site.
      To go-live we need every one to comment or not and give the final approval.

  2. I agree with Dave that nav bar looks better where it was, below the logo. It is more visible there. But I think you may have moved it to make room for web development item which is temporary. Otherwise the home page looks very nice.
    We need to have our training session for editors. I will send out an email.

    • Yes Brian, the menu was moved to facilitate the comments on the site phase. Upon completion I will place back in the original location.
      Regarding the training, as soon as you all are ready, I would prefer to start sooner than later.

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