Mt Kearsarge Hike was great!



The SRK Summer Hiking Series started with a fantastic hike over Mt Kearsarge on Sunday June 22nd.

It was a wonderful early summer hike up and over Mt. Kearsarge with 8 hikers consisting of Sam Shain, Gerry Gold, Jim Block and the Smith/Baer family (5). We only passed a couple of hikers on our way up the Lincoln trail and summited mid-day to see a good number of people enjoying the sunshine at the rocky top.

Our group grew in number with the addition of the Deegan family (4) joining us for the hike down the Barlow trail to Winslow State Park. It was a 5 hour hike up and over Mt. Kearsarge. Gerry even had time to do a little trail clearing on our way up the Lincoln trail.
The above photo attached is courtesy of Jim Block. (Aiden Deegan, joined us for the descent of Mt. Kearsarge and the photo)

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