Lake Solitude Hike Saturday 6/29

Hike Mount Sunapee and Lake Solitude

Saturday June 29
Start and finish at the Mt. Sunapee Ski area parking lot using the Elliot Ski trail to the Sunbowl
access road. From there we will hike up to the rim trail connecting to the Newbury
trail and then completing the rest of trail 1 going by
Lake Solitude and down the Summit trail to the parking
lot. (Moderate/Difficult) 4+ hours

Please contact the hike leader in advance to get the details. All hikes are free and led by volunteers. Please be aware that some of the hikes are much more difficult than others and participants are encouraged to evaluate their capabilities carefully before joining any group. Bring water and a snack but please leave dogs at home.

If interested please contact Andy Hager, 526-2846

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