The Greenway and COVID-19

The SRK Greenway has seen a huge increase in hiker traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic. We think this is great. But, please respect your fellow hikers and provide lots of distance, wear a mask when appropriate and be patient when you encounter another hiking group.

Hiking and spending time in the woods is a great way to stay healthy while maintaining safe distances from others. We encourage everyone to take a hike on the SRK Greenway. Our main objective is to provide a network of local hiking trails in the Lake Sunapee area.

No Group hikes this Fall

Due to the pandemic, the SRK Greenway does not feel comfortable leading any group hikes this Fall. We encourage you to hike on your own and with your family. As always, please be courteous of other hikers.

Wear a mask while on Proctor campus

Proctor Academy has a mask policy for visitors. Please wear a mask when using the trailhead to Ragged Mountain.

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